Beauty Salons Appointment Reminders

Probably one of the most frustrating thing for a beautician is staring at empty appointment slots due to customers not showing up for their appointments.  The good news is that now now beauty salon needs to suffer from clients missing appointments.  AppointWare is a service that can help by ending automated appointment reminders to your customers.  Sign-up today for a free trial to learn the benefits of this valuable service.

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We are all busy people.  Your clients are busy professionals, or otherwise lead busy lives.  It is easy for busy people to forget things.  I would argue that busy people need a trip to the beauty salon to get that much needed pampering.  When they forget their appointments, they are almost as disappointed as you are.  Why not let AppointWare make your client's lives easier?  We will automatically send reminders to them by email and by phone so that they can get that much needed pampering that you offer.

More benefits to you:

No installation: you do not need expensive hardware or complicated software.  We offer a simple  and easy to use web based interface to manage your client scheduling.  The reminders are then sent magically behind the scenes.  Everyone is happy!

Simple pricing (no hidden costs): Our pricing is based on the number of appointments used per month, no hidden costs or anything like that!  AppointWare can easily pay for itself by saving you just one missed appointment.  Seriously.

Reach everyone: our system can send appointment reminders both by SMS and by email to ensure maximum reach

No more stress: not many beauticians love maintaining and following up on appointments.  This can be really tiring work that ties you up for hours every day.  AppointWare frees you up to do your client work while we worry about the appointments!

Your customers will love you:  most beauty salons do not even offer a reminder service.  You already stand out from the crowd by offering the best services, but we can help you stand out even more.  Just think of how happy that busy professional will be when they get a message that prevents them from missing her day of pampering at your place.  Word of mouth will travel fast.