Doctors & Health Professionals Appointment Reminders

Doctors and other health professionals probably do some of the most important work in the world and greatly help improve the lives of their patients.  Unfortunately, patients sometimes forget their appointments.  Of course this is never on purpose, it is just because patients also lead busy lives.  Sadly, one missed appointment by a patient can mean a huge amount of revenue is lost.  Not only that, it also means that busy doctors and health professionals could have spent a lot of time and money preparing for a patient who just never shows up.

Undoubtedly, many doctors hire a secretary to take care of this problem, but it often proves to be too difficult a task even for them, with human error, patient unavailability and sometimes just the sheer number of appointments that one has to deal with.  Maintaining complicated schedules is never fun work for anyone, and just one mistake could be extremely costly.

Thankfully, AppointWare exists to solve this problem.  AppointWare is a service that automatically (maybe even magically) sends out appointment reminders to patients by email and by phone. Sign-up today for a free trial to learn the benefits of this valuable service.

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Increase Revenue

We help you outright avoid missed appointments by sending automatic reminders to your patients.  In the event that a patient cancels her appointment, we notify you in advance so that you can schedule someone else in for that time slot.  We help increase your revenue both directly (less missed appointments, more patients who show up and pay you) and indirectly (canceled appointments can be refilled from your waiting list because we notify you well in advance).

More benefits to you:

No installation: A doctor's life is already sufficiently complicated so you should not have to deal with complicated software systems.  With AppointWare, you do not need to.  We offer a simple  and easy to use web based interface to manage your patient scheduling.  The reminders are then sent magically behind the scenes.  Everyone is happy!

Simple pricing (no hidden costs): Our pricing is based on the number of appointments used per month, no hidden costs or anything like that!  AppointWare can easily pay for itself by saving you just one missed appointment.  We do not charge set up fees or require long term contracts.

Reach everyone: our system can send appointment reminders both by SMS and by email to ensure maximum reach

No more stress: Missed appointments are like a difficult-to-cure disease.  Let them not plague you anymore by using AppointWare.  We eliminate all the stress that comes from dealing with complicated schedules or missed appointments.