Hair Salons Appointment Reminders

Have you ever thought about how your salon's revenue is tied to the number of customers you server?  In today's hard economy, it can be difficult to always have a full client list.  So one can only imagine how devastating it is for a client to not show up for a booked appointment.

This can have a really bad effect on your revenue figures.  The good news is that we can help.

AppointWare is an easy to use software system that automatically reminds customers about their appointments.  Sign-up today for a free trial to learn the benefits of this valuable service.

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Increase Revenue

We can help increase your salon's profits by eliminating clients who simply do not show up.  See, when a client fails to show up, you not only lose their revenue, but it may also be too late to get another client to come at that appointed time.  Our automated reminders help ensure that this does not happen again, which means you make more money.  Moreover, if a client cancels their appointment, we notify you in good time so that you can schedule someone else to fill the empty slot.  it is a win-win for everybody.

More benefits to you:

No installation: you do not need expensive hardware or complicated software.  We offer a simple  and easy to use web based interface to manage your client scheduling.  The reminders are then sent magically behind the scenes.  Everyone is happy!

Simple pricing (no hidden costs): Our pricing is based on the number of appointments used per month, no hidden costs or anything like that!  AppointWare can easily pay for itself by saving you just one missed appointment.  We do not charge set up fees or require long term contracts.

Reach everyone: our system can send appointment reminders both by SMS and by email to ensure maximum reach

No more stress: Dealing with missed appointments is a frustrating experience and no one should have to suffer it.  AppointWare puts you in control by ensuring your customers do not miss their appointments.  You can now relax and just server your customers, we will take care of the dirty work!