Lawyers Appointment Reminders

Despite the undisputed importance of the work that lawyers do, clients surprisingly often forget their appointments (or cancel at the last minute Kenyans style).  Sadly for lawyers this sometimes means a whole morning can be lost preparing for a client who just does not show up.  Think of all the money and time that such a lawyer loses in this manner every so often.  Sure, a secretary can help to make reminder calls but this can be a full time join all on its own, and even then it is not enough.  

There has to be a better way, right?  There is!  AppointWare is a service that automatically (maybe magically) sends out lawyer appointment reminders to clients by email and by phone. Sign-up today for a free trial to learn the benefits of this valuable service.

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Increase Revenue

It can be very hard to reasonably charge clients for a missed appointment.  In fact, this is usually not possible.  However, you can use AppointWare to make sure your clients remember to come for their appointments.  If they cancel, you get enough advanced notice to not waste time preparing for a client who will not show up - you can and should schedule another paying client for that missed slot.

More benefits to you:

No installation: you do not need to install anything or buy costly hardware.  All you need is your regular computer and an Internet browser and we will take care of the rest

Simple pricing (no hidden costs): As a lawyer you probably have a lot of experience deciphering complicated contracts.  We do not want to add any more of that type of work to your plate.  We charge exactly what we say we charge, and no more.  Moreover, you can try our services for free before you pay us any money.

Reach everyone: our system can send appointment reminders both by SMS and by email to ensure maximum reach

No more stress: we understand that being a lawyer can be stressful at times.  We can quickly and immediately eliminate any stress that you may experience due to scheduling client appointments, dealing with cancellations, or clients who just don't show up.  let this handle this for you, so that you can actually deal with your clients' work.